Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon Scottsdale Quarter

This year F5 earned n Ambassadorship from Arizona's own Lululemon Athletica Scottsdale Quarter, this is a huge deal and an exciting opportunity for F5 to further connect with the fitness community!
Chuck Bolle on the F5 & Lululemon Collaboration - 
"Dear Lululemon, THANK YOU for choosing me!! I was completely caught off guard and a little stunned here, but of course I said yes. #lululemonambassador And here comes the real thank you (run now); To everyone at Lululemon, this is a very big deal to me. This matters. I created FITNESS 5 as a contracting trainer over 12 years ago. I opened the doors of FITNESS 5 the gym a little over seven years ago. At no point has it been easy. It's been an emotionally terrifying roller coaster and there have been times where I've questioned myself and every decision I've ever made. But then something like this happens. As a small business owner, this is a moment of triumph. A chance to close my eyes, reflect, exhale and appreciate how far I've come. I'm certainly not a perfect man; probably the farthest thing from it. But if I were gone tomorrow, I'd like people to remember me as a good father, a straight forward man and an old-school son of a B that wasn't afraid of hard work and always aspired to be better. That's what you get at F5. I'm going to love you and look after you, I'm going to be honest with you (sometimes painfully, brutally and intensely) and I'm going to expect you to push past your average and find your best. Every. Damn. Time. Simple, really, but good enough for me. I don't have all the answers and I actually hope that I never do. Learning is growing and the day that I stop growing is the day that I start dying. I'm not ready to die yet, so here's to life, Lululemon and amazing new opportunities ."