Meet Chuck

I was born the fifth of six siblings and I was always trying to keep up with my athletic older brothers. I grew up in an era where "young kids didn't lift weights" so I was forced to get creative with my own body weight at an early age. Fast forward to high school football where I immediately fell in love with the weight room, and through my dedication and teamwork we procured a state championship. I had several colleges vying for #5 play for their teams (The #5 in Fitness 5!)

Then I hit a major set back; a broken ankle and three surgeries in hopes to repair it. "Forget about ever playing football, you’ll be lucky to run again" was the diagnosis... I went on to play three years of college and five years of semi-pro football.

After a family, climbing the management ladder in business, and some separation from my dream of playing in the NFL, I began to realize my passion wasn’t football, it was working out. I was the guy in the gym people would come up to and ask "Why are you doing that?!" and "Can I workout with you?"and I loved sharing that knowledge with others. 

I became a Certified Personal Trainer and trained in many types of facilities, steadily building a large following until FITNESS 5, the gym I always wanted to work out in, opened it's doors.