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$155 Unlimited

-The times posted on our homepage are yours to enjoy as you wish, you can come one day a week, or seven! (Please refer to the Homepage for current hours) 

$25 Drop In Fee

-This applies to any day of the week and Obstacore classes, all times subject to the times posted on the Homepage.


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Check out what a few of our F5 Athletes have to say!

                               Anthony Croston - D1 ASU Athlete

"Each summer during my junior hockey career, I would come back and train with him. His style of training is what made me the hockey player I am today. The cross training, plyometric style made me into a faster, stronger, and more agile hockey player. Sure, you can go sit down in an average gym and throw up some heavy weight on a bench press or squat rack, but if your goal is to be a top end athlete and/or get in the best shape of your life, the unique approach of Fitness 5 will give you that opportunity. Chuck will do what he can for you, and it’s up to you to do your part.

Without him, I would be nowhere near where I am today and would not be playing division 1 hockey. He truly is the among the best trainers you can find, and if you want to reach your goals, there’s no better place!

      Henry Hardarson - Pro Hockey Athlete 
"Hi, my name is Henry Hardarson, I am a 23 year old professional hockey player that currently plays in the Metal Liga in Denmark. I have been part of the Fitness 5 family for the last 3 years. And every year when it is time for me to go back to Europe to start my hockey season, I have delivered top notch fitness/strength results on and off  the Ice due to F5’s training. It has been a fun journey with F5, not only because of the training but seeing Chuck always wanting to improve as a trainer and with his facilities. Back in the day, the gym was a lot smaller but even then every inch got used in a creative way. And now that we have a whole new facility, Chuck always finds fun and creative ways to literally “Kick your butt”, such as making you pull his Jeep inside the gym to making you do the Murph every first Monday of the month. All in all, Chuck has become a very close friend and brought a lot of different people together as family. Because his training is not a one man job, but instead done as a

       Billy Nichols - D1 Harvard Athlete

"Fitness 5 is a different beast than other gyms. While it offers the fundamentals that come with any other personal training programs and gyms, it ventures further. The environment that Chuck promotes is  welcoming, motivating, and inspires members to push their limits and truly improve as an athlete--or simply increase their level of fitness. My strength, speed, agility, mobility, and understanding of fitness would not be what they are today without Chuck. Aside from the improvement in level of fitness that should be  expected from  all gyms, F5 and its members are the epitome of #fitfam. As a 6 year gym member who has been back and forth between Arizona and the east coast I have formed and grown relationships at F5 that will last a lifetime and although I have not lived in town for the past 4 years, there has not been an instance where I've been home and not stopped in for a few weeks of workouts. If you are considering giving Fitness 5 a try, do it. Outside of injury or sickness, there isn't a good excuse not to."  



Taylor England - F5 Athlete

"From the moment I walked into the door, I not only liked it…I fell in love with it. I have been attending ever since! Every workout is completely different, every workout is a challenge, and AFTER every workout I am sore :) I absolutely love it.
Chuck is not only the best trainer, but also your friend! He helps you, guides you, and motivates you.
Definitely the best gym I have ever been to!"

Jon Brumwell - F5 Athlete


"When I first came to Chuck, I was weak. I was 6’2, 160 lbs. pretty skinny for a hockey player. I trained with Chuck over the span of about 4 month’s total. By the time I had left FITNESS 5, I was a meaty 185-190 lbs. Not only did I gain muscle, but I was also surprised to find out some of my injuries had subsided. Chuck has been the only trainer I have been to that has been able to do that.
Not only are his workouts extremely challenging and rewarding, but the gym atmosphere is unlike any other gym. It is serious, yet fun. Extremely fun. It is almost like going to a local gym with your buddies. You joke around, you laugh but at the same time, you’re training like an animal.
Thanks to Chuck, my strength and speed on and off the ice has improved immensely, and I actually recently found out I now have an 85-90 MPH Slap shot. For those who don’t play hockey, that’s borderline NHL speed.
I give five stars to Chuck and Fitness 5. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made."

Kevin Wathey - F5 Athlete 

"Fitness 5 is hands down one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. Chuck is not only an awesome trainer but also a great friend. He helped me out during a tough time in my life and got me back on track.
I have been working out on and off since my freshman year of high school and always considered myself to be in relatively good shape until I started at FITNESS 5. I not only realized I wasn’t as strong or in as good of shape as I thought, but always wanted to come back and do more.
Chuck reveals a whole different level of training that I was not used too and began to see instant results. Not only the gym but chucks personality is addicting, every workout is something new and you never know what to expect when you walk through the gym doors.
If you want something exciting and challenging at the same time, come on in and be ready to consider yourself part of the Fitness 5 Family!"